• Learning while playing cool math games for kids.
  • Counting Parrots provides a fun, entertaining rudimentary mathematics learning experience for children ages 3-7.
  • Children learn to count, associate numbers with quantities, practice patterns and grouping, understand simple equations, and strengthen fine motor skills and memory.
  • The children have a goal – they must teach the parrots to fly. They share in the success with animated celebrations that let the child know he has “won” the game. Each time he plays, he gets a different combination of experiences, and the games increase in difficulty as he progresses through the series.
  • The system is noncompetitive. Children are graphically told when they are wrong with accompanying sound effects, and the correct answers are demonstrated. The system does not keep score.


Numeric literacy is the focus; children can teach themselves how to recognize numbers by simple counting and repetition of the game.
Each game is random so no two games are ever alike.
Delivers engaging math games for ages 3-7
Field-tested with educators and children alike, the game focuses on providing the basic mathematical skills children need for understanding addition concepts.

Design/User Experience

The professionally designed game uses sophisticated animation and graphics to educate and entertain children.
Design of the game appeals to children as play for play’s sake, rather than an “educational exercise.”
Intuitive verbal and graphic interface allows non-literate children to easily figure out how to operate the game without parental intervention.
All instructions are given verbally; the only reading required is number recognition, and repetitive use of the game, encouraged by fun and an enhanced sense of mastery via efficacy motivation, results in improved recognition as well.
Bright background colors and high-contrast screens make it engaging, simple to use and see.
Fully interactive audio-visual experience
Non-competitive system encourages intrinsic satisfaction in learning
Engaging graphics and games keep children entertained

Educational Features

  • Promotes the pleasure in and the development of math skills at the earliest ages possible
  • Each child moves at a self-directed pace.
  • Age-appropriate learning
  • Improves number recognition
  • Improves following instructions
  • Reinforces relationship between numbers and amounts
  • Teaches counting, grouping, recognition, size comparison, simple equations
  • Stimulates and enhances memory development through both rote and creative thinking
  • Encourages development of critical thinking skills to determine right answers
  • Games deliver immediate feedback essential to the youngest learners
  • Enhances fine motor skills with drawing projects

The App

  • Free, “lite” version features numbers 1-10 and includes three games
  • Paid version extends to 10-20 and includes all seven games
  • One-time app fee and no other hidden charges or upsell
  • Technology fully compatible with all devices - iPad, Android, web, etc.
  • No in-app purchase obligations or requirements
  • No redirections to paid opportunities
  • No advertising

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