• Learning while playing cool math games for kids.
  • Promotes pleasure in the development of math skills from toddler through kindergarten and preschool.
  • Teaches repeating patterns – a building block in mathematical reasoning.
  • Self-paced, non-competitive learning.
  • Age-appropriate learning.
  • Improves quantity, groups and patterns recognition.
  • Reinforces self-confidence in math skills.
  • A self-teaching solution.
  • Improves following instructions.
  • Stimulates and enhances memory development through both rote learning and creative thinking.
  • Encourages development of critical thinking skills to determine correct answers.
  • Delivers immediate feedback – essential to the youngest learners.
  • Enhances fine motor skills.


The parrot chicks are on their way to visit Grandma. Some parrots are already seated on the airplane, but others are confused and would like you to help them find their appropriate seats.

Flying Patterns is an educational game designed to provide children in kindergarten, first and second grade, with an interactive and fun way of understanding mathematical repeating patterns, and a firm foundation for their grasp of numeric patterns and sequences.

The game challenges children to creatively reach their goal while developing their sense of logic. As recent studies show, an understanding of patterns is a building block in mathematical reasoning: which contributes to counting strategy development, problem solving, generalizations about number combinations, and algebraic thinking (Copley, 2000).

The game encourages the development of fine motor skills and memory, and is consistent with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) first and second grade math curriculum.

Flying Patterns is the second game in an already successful series, produced following the popularity of the ‘Counting Parrots’ app.

Enjoy learning

No two games are ever alike: as with each level a random combination of experiences is generated. The children will have the time of their lives getting the parrot chicks to Grandma – just don’t tell them it’s educational!

Flying Patterns reaches out to children, teaching them while entertaining them. This is the essence of edutainment, and the basis of our success!

Your child is safe with us

Flying Patterns offers children a user friendly, entertaining experience, with no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. Try it now for free, and enjoy a safe and fun way to educate your children. We are 100% committed to child safety.

Maximum gameplay, minimum text

Unlike most other games in its category, our game is fully dubbed with no written instructions. This caters for pre-literary kindergarten children, but also offers a friendlier, more intuitive, focused experience for first and second graders.

Our scriptwriters, voice artists, and art studio staff are kids' TV and games professionals. Combined with an original musical score and sound effects, our game offers an exciting, educating and humorous experience.


FFlying Patterns consists of five difficulty levels. With every level that is completed, the next level is unlocked and made playable. In mathematical terms, the gameplay represents patterns of arithmetic progressions, using five different colours of parrots as terms. The progressing difficulty between the levels involves a combination of common differences, values and missing elements, which need to be completed.

The first three levels of Flying Patterns are available for free!

Parrot's Counting Game was developed in HTML5 and is compatible with all operating systems for all platforms, including Android operated phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Windows desktops.