It's fun learning multiplication up to 100! Download now and set free the math wiz in your child!

Our famous parrots have come a long way in their mathematical early learnings. After forming their understanding of elementary arithmetic as well as basic algebra, they are now ready for the next challenge: It's time to enjoy learning the Multiplication tables!

Multiplication tables are a key skill for children to acquire at a young age in their own right, but they are also the ground on which division, algebra, long multiplication, and even fractions are based on.

The Parrots Multiplication Game is set out to familiarize first, second and third graders with the concept of multiplying numbers. The gradually ascending difficulty levels in the game allow children to acquire real, profound knowledge while progressing stage by stage towards the big One-Hundred. As studies show, repetition and rote learning are central to the process of acquiring the Multiplication Table as a tool for further mathematical skills and capabilities. The Parrots Game makes repetition and rote learning an engaging, fun experience rather than the conventional obligatory reciting "like a parrot". Following the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) curriculum for first, second and third grades, this game strengthens children's understanding and facilitates them in reaching their goal.

The Parrots Multiplication Game is the third in the popular Parrots games series.

It's Fun Multiplied!

Every parrot knows rote learning can be a hack of a bore, but with the Parrots Multiplication Game, this actually becomes fun! The random challenges that each game level contains are almost infinite and keep changing from game to game, so that no game is ever alike. At the same time, the learning process is fluent and rote learning is done unconsciously.
Through all our products, Yingele strives to maximize teaching through gameplay. We know that keeping children engaged and entertained learning can become a fun experience. This is Edutainment and the basis of our success!

Safety first

Let your child play and learn in a safe environment, with no in-app purchases and no third-party ads. The Parrots Multiplication Game comes in a free version, in which the first elementary levels are completely free, and can be then upgraded to a full, pro version for the advanced learners.

Accessible and User Friendly

We are doing our best to give children the best gameplay experience possible and so, no written instructions are included in this game. Instead, the Parrots Multiplication Game is fully dubbed by professional voice artists and the only written characters appearing in the game are the mathematical characters and numbers that are at the core of the game. By removing all written instruction we facilitate the experience for early literate children but also offer a more user friendly, focused experience for older, more literate children.
Our Design and art studio staff works closely with the development team, both committed to the educational goals set by early learning professionals.

It's Play Time! 

The Parrots Multiplication Table Game consists of six difficulty levels. The player is asked to complete each level in order to unlock the next one. The first two, easier levels comprise a 4X4 table. Levels three and four are harder, extending the tables to 7X7. The last two levels require the child to have an ultimate grasp on and knowledge of the Multiplication tables with a full 10X10, up to 100, tables. Upon completion, the player is prompted to personal total score so she/he can keep track of their progress, as well as a leader board.
The Parrots Multiplication Table Game can be played almost anywhere, anytime and on any platform. We have put great efforts into developing an HTML5 experience that will run smoothly on Android operated phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Windows desktops.
Your child's benefit, our pride
Here are the principal developmental and educational benefits the game has to offer children: 

  • Promotes the sense of pleasure in acquiring math skills and math learning in first, second and third graders
  • Teaches how to multiply numbers- a building block in mathematical reasoning and algebra
  • Self-pace, noncompetitive learning
  • Age-appropriate learning
  • Improves quantity, groups and patterns recognition
  • Reinforces self confidence in math skills
  • A self-teaching solution
  • Improves following instructions
  • Stimulates and enhances memory development through both rote learning and creative thinking
  • Encourages development of critical thinking skills to determine correct answers
  • Delivers immediate feedback- essential to the youngest learners
  • Enhances fine motor skills